Thank you for choosing SOUTHERN CLASSICS AND CUSTOMS for your restoration.

Vehicle restoration is a very specialised process that very few companies will attempt.
We here at Southern classics and customs are highly trained, highly experienced and we love what we do. You can be assured that when a car rolls through our doors it wont sit in a corner gathering dust, as happens in many shops.



Due to the originality of any project, it can be difficult to accurately estimate the full extent of work required. When the vehicle has been disassembled and stripped of past paint and repairs, we can more accurately determine the costs involved.

We guarantee to repair your vehicle to our highest quality standard and not cut corners.
For this reason we only invoice for the hours we spend on your vehicle, materials used and parts ordered so you can be assured of the value of your investment.

Estimates/Ballpark figures may be given for budgeting purposes only.

We take photos of every stage of your restoration. Photos are provided to you in a folder in GMAIL which can only be accessed via your own personal link. This enables you to watch your cars progress each week, even if you aren’t in the country!
We also display photos of clients work on a private Facebook page which is updated regularly.
We communicate on a regular basis regarding your vehicles progress.

Deposit of $5000.00 required for each project. Progress may be able to be sped up or slowed down to suit your budget.Vehicles will not be released from premises until Balance of final account has been receipted. We accept Eftpos, Bank deposit, Cash, Visa/Mastercard.(Visa and m/card may incur a 1.1% surcharge as imposed upon us by the Financial institution)

This is the starting point for all Restoration projects. These specialist restorations require us to be honest and upfront with you each step of the way.
We appreciate your business and will strive to provide you with an enjoyable, high quality service in the creation of your show stopping restoration.
Thank you from the team at Southern Classics and Customs.